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Gain access when it becomes availble on Steam Early Access July 2024.


Comes with a closed alpha exclusive "S7 Settlers Space Suit" outfit that will be availble in game and collectors edition DLC code.

  • Mysterious 7-Key that is rumored to open a strange vault hidden on Planet 7.

  • Seneca 7 Exhibition Jetpack.

  • Wandering Merchant appears on your homestead once a week offering rare and powerful items.

  • Mini Leon Muskratt Pet.

  • Unlock two new recruitable and dateable settlers, Boa Wow and Valerie Crypt.

Golden Boarding Pass

$60.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price


  • Pre-Order Exclusive "S7 Settlers Space Suit" Outfit
  • Seneca 7 Steam Key
  • Collectors Edition DLC Code
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