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One of the coolest things about Planet 7 is how you engage with its wondrous flora. All of the plant life you encounter may become Crops that you can grow and harvest on your homestead farm or one of the many Test Gardens found in each biome near the settlement!

You’ll begin with your standard Earth Crops [Turnips, Watermelon, Corn...etc] that you can grow on your homestead and use for powerful recipes and upgrades.


yep its a turnip that's how you know its a farming game


The turnip is a root vegetable where every part of the plant can be consumed for nutritional value. Because of its consumable leaves and root system along with its natral hardiness, it is one of the most crucial crops for the settlement.

Turnips have a healthy growth cycle in spring and summer, a moderate one in autumn and will not grow and die in winter. Turnips don't like the cold or the hot so the temperate climate of the settlement ensures a near year round harvest.

additional info

Type: Vegetable

Best Season: Spring and Summer

Worst Season: Winter

Plot Type: Normal

Grow Time: 4 Days

Yield: 2-5 per Plant

After you begin to master your farming skills, Brumble B the proprietor of the Industrial Farming Complex will task you to expand his research by cultivating alien plant life. This introduces a menagerie of new Alien Crops to discover!

cocoberry tree

A fruit tree that is only found in the snowmelt basin

The Cocoberry Tree is a fruit bearing tree discovered in the Snowmelt Basin located in the mountain range to the northwest of the settlement. It's discovery by Jimmy Nova led to him naming the tree for the dark rich liquid found inside the hard shell much like a coconut on earth except  with a berry sweetness that gives a euphoric feeling when consuming vast quantities of.

additional info

Type: Fruit

Best Season: Summer

Worst Season: Winter

Plot Type: Water

Grow Time: 40 Days

Yield: 4-9 per Week

spirit flower

a beautiful flower that sparkles like fireflies

spirit flower seed.jpg

The Spirit Flower is a fascinating discovery on Seneca 7. This aquatic flower was discovered by Jimmy Nova in the Snowmelt Basin. This flower’s name was inspired by its reproductive cycle. Once the flower reaches maturity, it buds creating a type of pearl-like membrane. It then creates a gas that causes the flower to float away and glow like a spirit. These flowers are currently being studied at the MagiScience Enclave to utilize its properties into herbal remedies.

additional info

Type: Flower

Best Season: Spring and Autumn

Worst Season: Winter

Plot Type: Water

Grow Time: 14 Days

Yield: 1 per Plant 

Really embracing our cyberpunk setting, we have the Hybridizer 2000: The Super Ultra EX Gacha Gene Machine Plus where you can combine Earth Crops with Alien Crops and generate ultra powerful Hybrid Crops.


if bacon grew on trees, well it does now.


With the demand for bacon crushing the supply chains, the settlement's greatest minds dove into unorthodox methods to genetically splice together what makes bacon, bacon with a mysterious fungus native to Planet 7. After trillions of Sene-Dollars and countless "mishaps" , they perfected the Baconus. This fungus grows on any hardwood tree producing a fungus that when harvested and fried looks, tastes and most importantly smells like bacon.

additional info

Type: Hybrid Fungus

Best Season: Autumn

Worst Season: Summer

Plot Type: Normal with Tree

Grow Time: 7 Days

Yield: 3-5 per Plant


the best way to turnup your energy level

This outlandish creation came from combining one of the native animals the Seneworm with an Earth Turnip. This genetic combination yielded a fascinating specimen Professor Tacyeon named the Turnup. This was because the amount of energy restored to anyone that ingests this Hybrid Crop seems to have the energy of a 12 old boy on Halloween night.

additional info

Type: Hybrid Vegetable

Best Season: Spring and Summer

Worst Season: Winter

Plot Type: Normal

Grow Time: 8 Days

Yield: 1-2 per Plant

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