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What type of Cyberpunk Game would be complete without Implants? These are a special enhancements that can be permanently added to your character to grant awesome effects like Bionic Legs to grant a double jump, or Nanite Stem Cells to give you a passive health regeneration. Think of implants as talent points, feats, traits...etc from other RPGs. All implants will require a certain prerequisite in order to be selected; skill level, class, race, achievement...etc

You will begin the game by selecting three implants that can only be obtained by their respective class. These will allow you to enjoy the game in whatever play-style you prefer and secure the uniqueness of your class. Even if you choose soldier class, you can decide to level up the farmer skills instead and never touch combat.

As you progress through the story you will unlock more implant slots and access to even more implants to choose from to help shape your character to maximize your play through experience. Be sure to head over to m0x-1E's workshop every so often to see if any new implants have been unlocked.

You can remove implants, but it is a hefty cost. Be sure to choose wisely.

Implants are broken up into five types; Physical, Tactical, Social, Mental and Unnatural.

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