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700% funded on march 7th 2023


Fact Sheet



The Seneca Project

Based in Atlanta Georgia, USA

Founding Date

February 1st, 2022


Steam Store Page

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Important Dates

Closed Alpha Launch Date

October 15th 2022

Alpha Demo Launch

Nov 14th 2022

Closed Beta Launch

January 10th 2023

Kickstarter Launch

February 5th 2023

Steam Next Fest

February 6th 2023

Welcome future settlers! Seneca 7: A Cyberpunk Odyssey is a game of immersive story, robust characters, and most importantly: adventure. This project is born out of our passion for the Adventure RPG Genre and our desire to create one heck of a fun game (not to mention our entirely over-the-top obsession with alliterations and puns).

In the game you’ll play as a settler who, after a 7 year journey in cryosleep, just arrived at the Seneca 7 Spaceport orbiting around Planet 7, your Earth away from Earth! A taste of the familiar with the zest of a new beginning. Our cozy little planet is nestled in the heart of the newly discovered Seneca system. A place where your wildest dreams and ambitions can thrive.

As you exit the Seneca 7 Settler Space Ship you will be wearing a spacesuit and talk to the Spaceport receptionist to check you into the settlement. You'll turn in your Spacesuit and will be able to create a fully customized character that will become the main hero you play while exploring the mysterious new world of Planet 7 and the Settlement.

After you create your character you'll enter the space elevator that takes you to the planet's surface and into the heart of the settlement. Your adventure begins as you are greeted by the settlement's founder and mayor: Leon Muskratt.

Planet 7 is an imagineer’s playground. How you choose to experience the vast lore rich world of Seneca 7 is all up to you. We are excited to see how everyone's adventures will unfold. Leave the ruins of Earth behind and join us on Planet 7!


Howdy Internet Drifter,

Name's Posey and I'm the Captain of this exciting journey we're on to develop Seneca7: A Cyberpunk Odyssey, the next great Cyberpunk Adventure RPG.

We're a small indie game development studio (2.5 fulltime and a handful of part-time) located in Atlanta, Ga that came together February 2022 for our shared love of gaming and most importantly the Adventure RPG genre which has become a travesty of AAA titles and the ever growing flood of shovelware.

We've been setting the candle on fire all year to found the company, establish the team and most importantly deliver a demo of the master piece we're pouring all our blood, sweet and tears to create.

To kick off our one year anniversary we've created an episodic prologue that will be told in a double feature; The Alpha Prologue and The Beta Prologue. We're doing this as a way to produce content to be played and immersed into the world of Seneca 7 while we develop the game.

We're super stoked about the start of 2024! With us attending Steam Next Fest and launching a Kickstarter to engage with our community. If you are interested in what we are making drop a line and join us in our discord and let build something amazing together.

Stay dreaming,


Beta Demo Launch

February 6th 2023

Early Access Launch Date

July 2024

A Cute Puppy

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  • Your very own homestead in the settlement, where you will raise animals, grow crops, catch fish, cook up delicious meals, craft fantastic new gear and even customize your homestead to fit your chosen class and décor tastes.

  • There are way more than 7 settlers living in the settlement on Seneca 7. Coming from all walks of life, get to know these people by sparking up a dialogue who knows they might have an important mission to give you or request to join your adventuring party — extra respect points for giving gifts, just be sure its something they like!

  • Date and marry one of your fellow settlers! In the spirit of inclusion we have characters that cover all spectrums of the rainbow! No matter your relationship preference you will find someone to love or tolerate within the settlement. 

  • Fully customize your character by selecting of your preferred pronouns along with your choice from 5 cyberpunk themed races where each race has a smattering of customization options that fit that races aesthetics.

  • Chose from 5 classes [Solider, Explorer, Farmer, Inventor, MagiScientist] each with it's own divergent storyline tailored to the class's focused elements of gameplay for your enjoyment.

  • Our vibrant mission system you will always have something to do. Be it missions that take your through the main story, or missions designed specifically for your chosen class even missions that are generated with our RMG (Random Mission Generator) you will always have something to do...for someone else.

  • As you progress through the vibrant seasons of Seneca 7, learning more about the settlement and this new alien world you come to discover a dark and twisted plot hidden deep beneath the surface of this new found utopia. You quickly find out your choices alone could impact the settlement offering multiple endings to be discovered. Will you strive for the brighter future or will you fall to its hidden corruption? The choice will be yours.

  • Get to know the other settlers to learn about their backstories and interests. The more you show interest into their lives the stronger your bonds will grow with them. If you create a strong enough bond you will soon gain allies that would give their life for yours or even fall madly in love with you. But be careful you could offend someone enough that they will become your arch-enemy and no one has time for that.

  • Form a party to adventure with during the day, be it exploring new found alien ruins outside the settlement or just spending the day on the sandy shores catching some rays. 

  • With our equipment system you will be able to find amazing outfits, powerful weapons, super useful tools and shiny accessories that can be upgraded, sold and traded! 

  • Explore the world cataloging, capturing and battling all the alien critters out there. Gotta' Collect Them All!!!

  • Taking place on an alien world allows us to create environments, creatures and scenarios that you would never find in the standard genre of these games.

  • Designing the game to allow couch co-op for 2 players to play and experience the story of the game together.

  • 2-4 players can locally battle each other in an out-of-box pvp battle mode reminiscent to those fighting games we all grew up with.



Seneca 7 The Journey So Far Youtube

Seneca 7 History of Seneca 7 Cartoon Youtube

Seneca 7 The Alpha Prologue Demo Trailer Youtube

Live Event Videos Youtube




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