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Our plants pack a punch, but you’ll need more than that to build a happy homestead. During your adventures on Planet 7 you’ll learn to tend to the Livestock needed for the settlement's survival. You will start the game introducing livestock from earth into the alien ecosystem by raising them on your homestead. Livestock are exceptionally useful, providing crafting materials, automating your farm tasks and even protecting the farm from the dangers that lurk in the darkness.

Any and all earth livestock can be obtained from Bacon's Ranch, a renowned establishment on the settlement owned by the world famous Tevin Bacon. Seneca’s own celebrity settler will be your one stop shop for all things farm-life.

As you complete Tevin's missions of integrating Earth Livestock, you’ll begin getting requests to attempt taming natural wildlife. If you can wrangle those crazy critters, you can raise Alien Livestock!


we always suspected centipedes to be from an alien world

***obtainable livestock***

One of the most interesting discoveries of the native wildlife of Planet 7 is the discovery of a massive insect about the size of a dog that resembles many of the Earths centipedes thus the naming Senepede. During their observation by the exhibition teams they noticed a herd like society resembling that of many barnyard animals back on Earth. 

Tevin Bacon believes that domestication of the Senepede can lead to a valuable new resource in their carapace and a healthy supply of proteins for the organic printers.

additional info

Type: Insect

Sex: Male or Female

Diet: Crops, Grass, Weeds

Habitat: Forests, Plains, Hills, Mountains, Caves, Swamps

As you become a master rancher, you will begin to unlock a new type of Livestock, the Enhanced Livestock. This allows you to take any of your livestock and "Enhance" it through those classic cyberpunk methods.

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