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We do things a bit differently here in the Seneca system. The majority of the livestock on the settlement is reserved for resource production, so the primary source of meat in everyone's diet is from fishing. Within the protected dome of the settlement, our talented team of scientists have marvelously replicated Earth’s natural environment with rivers, lakes and even an ocean full of fish. All the tasty tidbits you'd find at your local sushi bar.

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Fish on Planet 7 come in, you guessed it, two types! Earth Fish are found throughout the bubbled environment of the settlement

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Alien Fish can be fished up on your adventures outside the bubble in this new and exciting alien world.

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Some fun cyberpunk ways we are expanding upon the fishing mechanic are the Crabbergs. Seneca’s finest family of fishermen are a nation of crustaceans. Identical clones of crabmen to be precise. If you are a fan of fishing like we are, then you would definitely want to seek them out and begin your journey to becoming a master angler.

By following their fishing missions and mastering the skill, you will eventually be able to create Fisheries that you can obtain for your homestead, allowing you to produce fish much like growing a crop.

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