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We all know why we play RPGs...for the super rad loot. We got you covered, with all the fun and exciting cyberpunk items! 


Items are broken up into a few categories that will also aid the player during the dreaded inventory management mini-game. You have; equipment, materials, consumables, treasures and key items.

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Equipment is a type of item that you equip to your character in its designated equipment slot to gain the benefits of the item. Equipment comes in four types; Weapons, Tools, Outfits and Accessories.

Weapons - these items are used to defeat your enemies and protecting the settlement.


Tools - these items are used to aid you and your allies and advance the settlement.


Outfits - these items are your clothing and armor and your overall appearance of how you want to look for your fellow settlers.


Accessories - these items are special items that can fall into any of the above three types that add that extra flair to your experience and needs at the time.

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Materials are the essential life blood of the settlement and the requirements for all advancement of the settlement and crafting. Materials come in two types; Building and Crafting.

Building - these materials are the raw materials needed to perform any new constructions in the settlement or upgrades of current buildings.

Crafting - these materials are raw materials needed to create any equipment, consumables, treasures or key items.

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Consumables are a type of item that is destroyed once it is used. These can be anything from potions, meals and drinks, explosives...etc. Using a consumable will impart sometime of benefit or consequence in the game so use them wisely and when needed.

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Treasures are just as they sound, their only purpose is to be admired in your private collection in your homestead, gifted to your best buddy or apple of your eye and most importantly sold for those fat stacks of funnie-money. So when you get a treasure you know exactly what to do with and not hoard it in your inventory or stash questioning if its needed from something.

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Key Items are just as they sound; important to something. To help our quality of life for the player Key Items will be clear and concise on what they are for and use. Key Items could be items needed for a mission, or items given to access special menus or even items that can be used to aid in your adventure without need to equip or activate.

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