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The locations of Seneca 7 are vast and exciting and are meant to capture that ideology of discovery that all explorers hold close to their heart. As we build our world be sure to learn about the ultra rad places that we come up with.

the seneca system

a nearby solar system with a habitable planet

Located relatively close to our own solar system, the discovery of the Seneca System by Leon Muskratt changed the course of history. It wasn't until the creation of the Seneca Project and the investment into the technology to locate Earthlike planets in neighboring solar systems. This system is nearly identical to our own solar system offering the best promise of any discovery yet. It has a G-type main-sequence star (G2V) nearly identical to our own Sun but slightly older with five planets orbiting it. With three of the planets orbiting within a habitable zone.

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Sun: Seneca (Yellow Dwarf)

Planet 01: Thermós (Magma Planet)

Planet 02: Iris (Gas Giant)

Planet 03: 7 (Earth Like Planet and home to the Seneca 7 Settlement)

Planet 04: Krúos (Frozen Planet)

Planet 05: Thanatos (Gas Giant)

planet 7

the earthlike planet where humanity can begin anew

The third planet in the Seneca System. This planet is nearly identical to Earth in every fashion except for a few phenomena. For example, like the exceptionally dense atmosphere that acts like a near impenetrable barrier protecting the surface of the planet which contains a more habitable atmosphere. This dense pressure barrier is populated with countless floating islands and even strange creatures. This area of the atmosphere has been named the Sky Sea as its qualities are similar to the depths of the ocean. This phenomena has yet to be explained as all research has determined it as an unnatural occurrence.

On the surface of the planet the majority of it is covered by a vast ocean with very few land masses. There are three major continents on the planet, the largest resembles the number 7 which coined the name of the planet. There is also a northern temperate polar continent where the settlement is established and a frozen arctic continent on its southern pole.

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Moon: Emote

Continent 01: Northern Polar Continent

Continent 02: 7

Continent 03: Southern Polar Continent

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Planet 7 is a garden world filled with diverse biomes home to many breath taking vistas and strange animals and plants that make them their home.

floating islands

a mysterious phenomena yet to be explained

One of the strangest phenomena on Planet 7 is the mysterious floating islands that seem to endlessly speckle the skies. From the observations made they seem to originate from the area west of the Snowmelt Basin that has been named the Floating Island Cradle.

The islands have been reported in a variety of sizes from rocks to the size of a small town. There has been extreme difficulty managing to safely explore the larger floating islands. It has become an obsessions' of Jimmy Nova's to find a way to reach them. It has been noticed that clusters of migrant floating islands pass over the settlement as the seasons change.

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Biome: Varies Island to Island

floating island cradle

the mysterious origin of the floating islands

This fascinating discovery was made by Jimmy Nova during the survey mission of the Snowmelt Basin in the search for stone deposits to begin the settlements construction. Just West of the Snowmelt Basin a vast crater filled with swirling mist so dense you'd think you could stand on it. Floating Islands pierce the mist lifting into the sky, this is the origin of the Floating Islands. 

The artic winds mixing with the wet heat of the Snowmelt Basin fill this cradle with windstorms so violent you could easily be blown off into the abyss of swirling mist.

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Biome: Desert

the darkwoods

An enchantingly spooky forest filled with mystery

South of the Settlement lies the Darkwoods, this temperate forest spans for hundreds of miles with a canopy so dense not a single ray of sunlight can shine through. Because of the sheer size of the forest and parts of the forest a dark as the abyss exploration of the Darkwoods has been deemed too dangerous.


The edge of the forest has become a primary source of lumber and safer exploration endeavors have lead to the discovery of bountiful wildlife and fauna. Perhaps more discoveries will warrant an exhibition into the heart of the woods. 

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Biome: Forest

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Located on the Northern Polar continent of Planet 7 the exhibition crew located the perfect spot to create humanities last hope for survival the Seneca 7 settlement.

the northern continent

the continent where the settlement resides

Located at the north pole of Planet 7 is a continent with a vast and diverse ecosystem and biomes. Complete with four seasons and mild climates were everything needed to help ensure the success of the settlement and its settlers.

During the first exhibition to Planet 7 only a very small amount of the continent was explored leaving plenty of adventures to be had while settling into their new home.

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One of the many perks of being a Seneca settler is owning prime real estate. A core function in the game is having a homestead where you tend to your farm, cook delicious meals, craft powerful items, play with your pets, defend your homestead from dangerous creatures and even customize your new home however you feel.


your home away from home

Homestead Clause - The fine print: As a Seneca 7 settler and gold ticket winner, you acknowledge that your homestead property will be assigned to you, and will be outside the Seneca Seven Settlement Safety Sphere. You hereby absolve The Seneca Project and its sole beneficiary, Leon Muskratt, of legal liabiliy or responsibility for any injuries or damages, emotional or physical, sustained during your settlement period. These include, but are not limited to: dehydaration, starvation, poisoning, mutilation by native wildlife, maulings by genetically modified livestock, falling into volcanoes, getting stuck in the space elevator, decapitation by vertical sliding doors, and more.

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