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Howdy Internet Drifter! 

Name's Posey and I'm the Captain of this exciting journey we're on to develop Seneca7: A Cyberpunk Odyssey, the next great Cyberpunk Adventure RPG. 

We're a small indie game development studio (three best friends to be exact) located in Atlanta, Ga that came together February 2023 for our shared love of gaming and most importantly the Adventure RPG genre which has become a travesty of AAA titles and the ever growing flood of shovelware.

We've been setting the candle on fire all year to found the company, establish the team and most importantly deliver a demo of the master piece we're pouring all our blood, sweet and tears to create.

To kick off our one year anniversary we've created an episodic prologue that will be told in a double feature; The Alpha Prologue and The Beta Prologue. We're doing this as a way to produce content to be played and immersed into the world of Seneca 7 while we develop the game.

We're super stoked about the start of 2024! With us attending Steam Next Fest and launching a Kickstarter to engage with our community. If you are interested in what we are making drop a line and join us in our discord and let build something amazing together.

Stay dreaming,

El' Cap e tan

Subheader_Website [WIP01]_roadmap.png

Behold our very simple roadmap. If you want to see a more complex one, check out our discord or website. (Currently updating the larger one to reflect our 2023 journey)

Subheader_Kickstarter 02 [WIP02]_localization.png

The game will launch on steam in English only and will be localized later to the following languages. As with console porting, all we ask for is time to broaden localization so more can enjoy it!

Subheader_Kickstarter 02 [WIP02]_console port.png

The game will launch on Steam (Windows and MAC) and then port to Nintendo Switch, Playstation and Xbox. 


We are making this game for console, but releasing on Windows and MAC for ease of first release. All we ask is the time we would realistically need to secure publishing deals on the consoles, we anticipate 6 months to 1 year after steam release.

Subheader_Website [WIP01]_team.png

We’ve been working in the Game Development industry for over 20 years now and we know the game development process inside and out. We are pulling out all stops to make one heck of a cyberpunk adventure RPG!

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