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Seneca 7: A Cyberpunk Odyssey is a game of immersive story, robust characters, and most importantly: adventure. This project is born out of our passion for the Adventure RPG Genre and our desire to create one heck of a fun game (not to mention our entirely over-the-top obsession with alliterations and puns). The current demo is designed to be an episodic adventure used to immerse the player into the story by being broken up into two prologues, Alpha & Beta.

Our Alpha Prologue takes place in a simulator that is used to maintain the safety of the settlers leaving Earth to their new home. This side of the demo is a story-based mechanics driven sandbox used by our team to develop and polish movement, platforming, combat, and more. This allows us to skip the traditional greyboxing stage of development and puts players directly into our world ready to play. Players can enter the simulation as Not Dave, a settler who has been trapped in the simulator and must escape before it is to late.

The Beta prologue takes place on the world of Planet 7 as the settlement is being built for its arriving settlers from Earth. This is our open-world environment where our cozy mechanics of farming, homestead, and more will be developed and tweaked through player feedback as we go. Players can already hop in and explore the world as r0-b3rt one of the Congobots responsible for the settlements construction and get a glimpse of what’s to come.


Build a new life in a cozy cyberpunk adventure RPG! Polluted air having you gasping for breath? Drowning in endless debt? Online dating getting you nowhere? Leave your worries behind and reboot your life on Seneca 7, where dreams come true!*


(*Restrictions may apply. Results may vary.)

The seneca project wants you!

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Do you have what it takes to be one of the brave few to leave Earth behind and settle S7, a newly discovered planet in a nearby solar system?

Settle a new world and build a better life for yourself, and your friends and family. Explore the unknown, fend off dangerous wildlife, farm the land, craft new technologies, and unlock ancient alien secrets!

go for it solo or grab your buddy and help determine the fate of seneca7!

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A recently discovered alien world untouched by any civilization where nature lives in harmony - until now. As the Earth has become unlivable the only hope for humanities survival is to successfully establish a settlement on this newfound Eden. Make your way to Seneca 7 your new home, and form new friendships, explore this magnificent world teaming with strange wildlife, resources, and powerful loot to help you in the long journey ahead.

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Seneca 7 features a local co-op mode and battle mode with Steam remote-play supported! Team up with friends and shape the future of the settlement together or test your combat skills against each other in the battle arena.

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Be whoever you want to be on Seneca 7 by choosing one of five races each with their own appearance options and features. Even choose your desired pronoun so everyone in the settlement will know how to address you.

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You'll need much more than brute strength and magitech to ensure the success of the settlement. The world of Seneca 7 is full of resources for you to use to your advantage. Defeat monsters for ingredients, plant seeds and tend to your crops for provisions and gather materials and ores to craft more powerful weapons, outfits, and accessories.

S7_KS_Subheader_v4_Real Time Class Combat.png

Choose from five exciting classes each with their own unique experience in combat. Do you prefer to charge head on into battle guns blazing, hide within the shadows looking for an opportune time to strike, or manipulate the dark matter around you casting powerful magitech spells.

S7_KS_Subheader_v4_Find True Love.png

As you experience your new life on the settlement you will find romance is just around the corner. No matter your romantic preference you will find that perfect someone for you with over 16 dateable settlers, each looking for love. Who knows you may even start a family.

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Your choices matter as you play through the game will you lead the settlement to a new utopia, ignore the past and recreate the same mistakes that lead to the destruction of Earth of will you succumb to the hidden darkness that lurks within the shadows of this unknown world. Experience all the multiple endings to be unlocked.


We are always super appreciative of your support. If you like the look of our new project then do please join us in our community discord and hit Wishlist, to stay up to date with future news and development updates.

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